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Raspberry Leaf Rubus idaeus

What is Raspberry Leaf? 

Like apples, apricots and strawberries, the raspberry plant belongs to the rose family. Raspberry is a very diverse plant with over 200 species worldwide.

At Pukka we use the leaves of Rubus idaeus, a species that is native to Europe and Northern Asia. As the name suggests, the medicinally valued part of the plant is the leaves and not the fruit. The leaves don’t have the sharp tang of a raspberry. Instead they taste more like lightly floral black tea.

What are the benefits of Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf is most well-known as a tonic in pregnancy and labour and is also an excellent nutritive. In addition to being toning and astringent, raspberry leaf has anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are useful in soothing stomach aches and preventing constipation.

Raspberry Leaf dosage

During pregnancy, please check dosage instructions on pack. In accordance with traditional use, we recommend that our Motherkind Pregnancy tea is consumed during the second and third trimester only. The raspberry leaf we use in this tea is blended with a combination of additional herbs which are safe during pregnancy and can be enjoyed up to four times daily to support the health of your baby.

Raspberry Leaf side effects

Raspberry leaf is traditionally used to support uterine tone in preparation for birth. Therefore, it is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy but is safe during the second and third. If you are concerned, please seek the advice of a practitioner.