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Nutrigest™ is a unique herbal formulation with Seaweed, Spirulina and Ginger blended to help you get the most out of your Wholistic blends. Seaweed and Spirulina are incredibly nutrient dense and Ginger is wonderfully warming, helping to assist assimilation. The combination of these three ingredients helps to boost the body’s absorption capacity.

The seaweed is sourced from northern artic waters and is considered to be one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet as it uptakes a diverse range of minerals from the sea. Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae that is one of the earliest photosynthesizing species. It is dense with protein, B vitamins and beta-carotene and we get ours from an organic sun-soaked farm in India. Ginger is indigenous to southern Asia and is famous for its hot and spicy taste that awakens digestion. 

This unique trio in Nutrigest™ ensures that you get the most from your Pukka formulas.