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Hemp Cannabis sativa L.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing biomass in the world and one of the most useful crops with everything from seed to fibrous stem being utilised.

Hemp seed oil is the highly nutritious essence from the seeds of the hemp plant that is high in essential fatty acids (EFAs).

They are ‘essential’ as our body doesn’t make them which makes hemp seed oil a vital addition to our everyday diet. The EFAs are also known as Omega oils- or 3,6 and 9 renowned for supporting skin, nerve and brain health.

We cold press the seeds to make our hemp seed oil so we can preserve all the heat-sensitive goodness in the seed.

It is such a delicate oil that it's best stored in the fridge and only used cold; drizzle it over stews, soups and salads for a moment of nutty delight.

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