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Green Tea Camellia sinensis

Green tea, as the name suggests, is made using the new and fresh leaves of the tea plant and has been famousily used for centuries in Japan for its detoxifying properties and has been sipped as an elixir in China for many centuries too.

The leaves used for making green tea come from ‘unfermented’ leaves that are flash dried. This gives green tea a lighter flavour and a higher content of antioxidants than black tea.

We use whole green tea leaves from three different countries; Da Zhang Sencha from China, Oothu Green from the Western Ghats and Suoi Gang from Vietnam.

The Suoi Gang tea plants are left to grow into full sized trees and, like the H’mong harvesters, you have to climb the trees to harvest the leaves.

Our new Green teas support WWF projects in the Himalayas.

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