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Elderberry Sambucus Nigra

What are elderberries

Elder is a small tree that is native to most of Europe. The flowers and the berries are both used to make a variety of drinks and tonics our Elderberry Syrup.

The wonder of elderberries

Elderberries play an important role in building and maintaining immunity to help you have a healthy winter.

Elderberries are the autumnal fruit produced from elderflowers. They are packed full of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory constituents including antioxidant vitamin C, anthocyanins, lignans and flavonoids.

These compounds give elderberries their powerful immune-modulating effects. Research has shown that this humble hedgerow plant can deactivate 10 strains of flu virus as well as hasten recovery time.

So, how do elderberries work?

The flu virus forms tiny spikes, called hemagglutinins, which are laced with an enzyme called neuraminidase. The enzyme helps the virus to penetrate the cell membranes in our lungs.

And this is where the elderberry comes in; it actually helps to deactivate the neuraminidase preventing the proliferation of the virus and the dreaded aches and pains of the flu. For example, one interesting study on people with early flu symptoms showed that after using elderberry extract 20% reported significant improvement within 24 hours, 70% by 48 hours, and 90% claimed a complete cure after three days.

Patients receiving the placebo required six days for recovery. As proof that elder has more to it than the enzyme-neutralizing constituents, researchers found that the patients who took it also had higher levels of antibodies against the flu virus. On top of this elderberries may be superior to flu shots for another reason: 50% of people who get the vaccines report side effects. (Mumcuoglu 1995, Zakay-Rones 1995)

As a syrup, the soft, sweet and soothing qualities of the crimson berry juice helps calm irritated mucous membranes and irritating coughs. Elderberry’s anti-spasmodic qualities coupled with an expectorant action eases painful spasms whilst gently clearing catarrh from the respiratory tract and sinuses.

Pukka’s own Elderberry Syrup which is suitable for anyone over the age of two, is made from a concentrated juice of elderberry with 10 other herbs. One daily dosage of Pukka Elderberry Syrup supplies 12,000mg of elderberry juice concentrate. It really is purple magic.


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