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Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus

A close cousin of the blueberry, the bilberries used in our formulas are wild harvested from Serbian forests where they thrive beneath the conifer canopy.

Native to northern Europe bilberries are usually found growing in acidic, nutrient-poor soils and have been used for centuries both as a food and a medicine.

Due to the fact they are notoriously difficult to cultivate and the berries grow singly (unlike the cluster formation of blueberries) they fetch a high price in the market. And we treat these precious purple balls of goodness with optimum respect by giving them the best fresh freeze-drying that protects this goodness.

The fact they are high in flavonoids make them the Rolls Royce of the berries used in our Vitalise. And their ability to help with the absorption of vitamin C make them essential ingredient in our Natural Vitamin C.

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