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Why are we called 'Pukka'?

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They say you never make a second chance to make a first impression, so when Tim and Sebastian started Pukka, they gave the name careful consideration. After some false starters (such as ‘Holy Cow’), they found what they were looking for in an ancient Hindi word.

To be ‘real’

The word pukka comes from Hindi and when it’s translated into English it means ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’ – precisely the type of herb company that Tim and Sebastian wanted to create in Tim’s flat all those years ago.

As well as sounding positive (with a ‘juicy’ ring to it when you say it out loud), pukka is a well-known slang term in the UK meaning ‘great quality’ – as in, “It’s absolutely pukka mate”.

Tim and Sebastian knew it was the right choice. After all, being pukka – by filling people’s lives with exemplary quality herbs – was their absolute passion from day one.

We’ll stay Pukka forever

Tim and Sebastian officially christened their new company, Pukka Herbs, in 2001. Since that moment, the business has grown – a lot. But during that growth we’ve never ever lost the sense of being pukka.

Pukka epitomises our ethos, our vision, our values, our relationships with our growers, our attitude towards the people who work for us, and every single cup of tea or herbal supplement that we create.

Pukka is who we are – and who we will always be. And it’s a name we want you to count on too. Why? Because Pukka is your symbol of quality, fairness, authenticity, and, of course, exceptional taste.

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Fox, Marketing Director

I oversee the way that Pukka communicates with the world – from our packaging to our websites with the help of a truly talented team. I try and make sure we retain a unique voice cloaked in the beauty and elegance most people associate with Pukka. I live on a farm in North Somerset with a range of much-loved animals and my lovely family. One of my greatest pleasures is wandering along the hedgerows and picking all kinds of wild, incredible things to cook, eat or flavour something alcoholic. As marketing director, I'm just here to help connect as many people as possible around the world to the incredible power of organic plants.

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