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Pukka's Vision

Imagine a planet covered in organic herbs, where the majesty and power of Mother Nature is always respected and protected, and where everyone on it has the freedom to live a natural way of life, filled with health and happiness.

Yes, it’s a big vision – but you’ve got to dream, right? And dream is exactly what our founders, Tim and Sebastian, did when they first came together.

The dream of healthy people

They saw a society in need of a deeper connection with nature and communities seeking a more natural life; they craved it for themselves and also for everyone around them.

With a shared desire to make positive change in the world, Tim and Sebastian’s vision began to crystallise: help people feel healthier and happier through the wonders of exemplary quality herbs and herbal supplements by running a pukka-quality, totally benevolent business.

The dream of a healthy planet

Better still, Tim and Sebastian saw that simply by connecting people and plants through business, they could also contribute to conserving the majesty of the planet.

Through making organic herbal teas and health supplements, they could bring some value to threatened forests. By paying growers and collectors above market prices for the herbs they used, they could help protect dwindling eco-systems. By making organic farming practices worth more than soil-destroying conventional methods, they could incentivise conservation of the earth.

Four words, one Pukka vision

Put it all together and you have the dream – the vision – that continues to beat with optimism and passion through Pukka today; summed up with our simple four-word mantra: healthy people, healthy planet.

It’s a vision we take very seriously, literally going to the edge of the world to make it happen: from visiting growers so that we understand our impact, to monitoring our carbon emissions; from supporting organic farming to engaging in tree planting projects.

And it’s a vision that we have every faith will one day come to pass; all it takes is the continued support and love of our friends around the world.

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Fox, Marketing Director

I oversee the way that Pukka communicates with the world – from our packaging to our websites with the help of a truly talented team. I try and make sure we retain a unique voice cloaked in the beauty and elegance most people associate with Pukka. I live on a farm in North Somerset with a range of much-loved animals and my lovely family. One of my greatest pleasures is wandering along the hedgerows and picking all kinds of wild, incredible things to cook, eat or flavour something alcoholic. As marketing director, I'm just here to help connect as many people as possible around the world to the incredible power of organic plants.

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