Chai infused mulled wine

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We're definitely not alone when we say we absolutely love Chai; this warming tea has been cherished for centuries in India and now all around the world.

A winter favourite, this blend of calming herbs and heating spices, not only helps to calm and settle a busy mind, Chai also helps to improve digestion, enhance the immune system and fight inflammation. That's a whole lots of goodness in just one cup!

So for those times when a steaming mug of our tea just isn’t warming enough, we've come up with a mulled wine infused recipe to help warm your cockles. Sensationally spiced with our own Original Chai tea bags, our festive herbal mulled wine creates a warm, soothing and uplifting experience that will keep you toasty as those chilly winter nights close in.

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25 minutes

Needs Translation

1. Take 2 litres of organic Merlot, and add to a large saucepan.

2. Add 2 sliced organic lemons.

3. Cut 2 organic oranges in half and press cloves into the skin. Add to the pan, along with 10 Pukka Original Chai tea bags and some grated nutmeg (optional).

4. Warm the mixture (do not boil), then add 6 tablespoons of brown sugar. Gently heat for a further 15 minutes.

5. If it’s a cold night, add some brandy before serving.

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