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Nettle leaf A blood cleanser par excellence. Nourishing, cleansing and rich in chlorophyll, nettle has been used for centuries as a skin purifier.

Fennel seed Renowned for preventing fermentation in your digestion and reducing the build up of inflammatory heat-toxins (these might show as spots or cystitis). Its gentle diuretic effects helps to flush out impurities.

Peppermint leaf Wonderfully aromatic, peppermint is famous for cooling the skin, calming an itch and reducing redness.

Dandelion root Slightly bittersweet, dandelion root helps the body to detoxify by enhancing the work of the liver and bowels.

Burdock root Earthy and powerful, burdock root is known as an alternative, working to cleanse your liver, kidneys and bowels. It’s well-known for clearing facial blemishes.

Red clover Delicate and grassy, red clover blossom cleanses the skin and helps you glow.

Turmeric root Known as the Golden Goddess in India, turmeric is renowned for purifying the skin.

Licorice root This sweet root strengthens the kidneys and can help reduce skin inflammations.

Lemon juice This helps get your liver going in order to keep your skin clear and fresh.

This recipe uses dry nettle, but you can collect your own fresh nettles in spring for a bright fresh tea. You can also dry the leaves for later use. Dry them on a plate or hang them somewhere cool for about a day.

Extracted from Cleanse Nurture Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole, photography by Kim Lightbody, is published by Frances Lincoln. Available from all good bookshops or

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  1. Put all of the ingredients in a pot (except the lemon).
  2. Add 500ml/18fl oz freshly boiled filtered water.
  3. Leave to steep for 10–15 minutes, then strain and add the lemon.