Image for Launching our latest Sustainability Report

Launching our latest Sustainability Report

30th april 2018

A lot has changed from Pukka’s humble beginnings 16 years ago when our founders, Tim and Sebastian, created Pukka from Tim’s spare bedroom and Sebastian’s kitchen in 2002.

Our organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements are now sold in over 49 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North, South and Central America. Last year more than 500 million colourful cups of organic tea were drunk across the world.

Our mission remains as strong as ever: to harness the incredible power of nature through our award-winning organic and ethically-sourced herbal teas and food supplements. And to create a world where plants play a central role in human health and wellbeing in the most sustainable and ethical way we can.

Our new Sustainability Report is a celebration of everything Pukka has achieved in 2017 to create positive change across the world, benefiting people, plants and planet. It captures our ambition to make a genuine commitment to global equality, ending poverty and protecting the environment.

‘Pukka’ means authentic in Hindi, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. This means that everyone at Pukka contributes to delivering our sustainability vision. You’ll hear from experts from across the Pukka team, and our partners throughout this report.

For the first time, our team was able to map Pukka's carbon footprint, breaking down our total carbon output from 'crop to cup'. This includes the part that Pukka tea drinkers every time they boil the kettle and the simplest steps we can all take to create a world where people, plants and the planet thrive together. 

Thank you for the hard work of our farmers, partners and staff – and of course our Pukka community of herb lovers – for helping to create positive, regenerative ripples across the world. So, whilst there is much to do, there is hope too - and you are at the heart of it. Find out more about our sustainability at Pukka.

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